The Quickie Quiet Time

Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin…

I am running late this morning, real late! You know what that feels like. Packing lunches while ironing a shirt and frying an egg and walking the dog and warming up the car and realizing there is no gas. I am tired already. I said good morning to Terri, Josh, the dogs and the cats. But no time for The Lord or is there? I still have a 15 minute commute. Is it possible to connect on the commute? Well yes it is. What about time in the Word? Well this the beauty of Scripture memory or at least the way I do it. I am starting a new verse this week and I memorize a phrase at a time so I am going to work on the phrase at the top and enjoy my quickie quiet time. Hey gotta go, the gas tank is full. Have a good one.


3 thoughts on “The Quickie Quiet Time

  1. If God understands before the words are on our tongue all we have to do is think. Jesus said He
    and the Father will come and have fellowship, and be with us. Let me praise and glorify always in my thoughts and communicate with Him. That is fast, lets keep it up son.
    Chuck Howi

  2. I find that time, when I am driving is a good time to just talk to the Lord. No one is around it also helps me to relax while I drive. I dont get upset at the other drivers on the road. I have PTSD, I performed convoy operations in Iraq, so driving is not easy for me to do anyways, but talking to God, while I drive helps to keep me calm. I find the more I talk to him, the better I feel, and I can relax just a little bit.

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