Amazement- Emotion of a Laborer

amazementOne of the core emotions according to some emotion experts is amazement.  Amazement is kind of like surprise on steroids. I have had a surprise party before but am still waiting for somebody to throw me an amazement party.  I guess the closest thing I have heard about is one of those shindigs that the folks at Make a Wish Foundation do.  They find a really sick child and try to let him or her experience something that they wish they could do if they only had one wish.  Kinda of like a genie in a bottle.  Over the course of a laborer’s ministry life there will be times that God will surprise you. Even amaze you.  And why not?  He is the Creator of heaven and earth.  He is the one who formed your inwards parts and weaves you in your mothers womb. And He is more committed to multiplying disciples being raised up than you are. And He will use you despite yourself.  Amazing!   Like Peter in the sinking boat full of fish that Jesus help him catch, there are times that we will stand amazed at how great God is and how fortunate we are to know Him. I don’t  know about you but I look forward to the party.  The amazement party!


One thought on “Amazement- Emotion of a Laborer

  1. You might say or state that the 5 One Ministries is Gods Amazement Party for His Child in progress.
    He gives you this moment as a start, and the rest of your life to enjoy it!!
    In His Grip Dad

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