Fear (of God)- Emotion of a Laborer

fearI wrote an article a few years ago about teaching our children to fear the Lord. A reader commented that teaching that to our kids is what is wrong with Christianity. He said we should only teach our offspring to love God. Yet the Scripture is clear that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I find it interesting that whenever you see someone who has really seen or experienced the presence of  the Lord it causes fear. Not just the reverential awe kind of fear, but the crap-in-your-pants kind of fear. When the crowd saw Jesus heal and forgive the sins of the paralytic lowered through the roof they were afraid. When Peter digested who he was dealing with after the huge haul of fish he was afraid. When Isaiah saw The Lord high and lifted up he was afraid. When Job finally heard from the Lord he was afraid. When John came face to face with the heavenly scene he was afraid. By faith someday when we see Him face to face we will be afraid.  But our fear of the Lord also shows up from time to time in our ministry as we get glimpses of who He really is. God moves. We see Him. We are moved by our emotions. One of those emotions will be fear from time to time.

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