The Unrested Heart







My heart has no rest


My mind is full of doubt

not of You entirely

but of me

but of those around me

are we strong enough to do your will?

are we willing to stay the course?


My will wavers

day by day my resolve weakens

how much longer can I wait?

I need your help to stand strong


My emotions are a wreck

on the outside I may not show them

but I am worried

I am concerned

I am terrified

I doubt


And yet I know that my only hope is the One who gives hope to the hopeless

yet He lingers

I don’t know why, but He lingers

maybe to let my conviction steep completely

maybe the new wine of my faith needs to ferment


Yet my heart has no rest


Maybe it is only the unrested heart that seeks You

the unrested heart longs for Your justice

the unrested heart believes in Your goodness, for good reason

the unrested heart knows the security of Your love

the unrested heart sees You


God, if it is the unrested heart that sees You, may my heart never rest again


Teach me Your ways oh God that may seek You and find You all the days of my life


It is You that I seek to know

It is You that I seek to please

It is You that I seek to serve


Teach me to yield my unrested heart!

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