Who is the Howitzer?

I have lived most of my life like I played high school football, a little better than average. I played well enough to stay just a step or two ahead of the bench. But, no college expressed any interest and my University of Arkansas degree program was not funded by the Razorback Foundation but by the Tim Howington fund of beg, borrow and steal your way through. I married a sweet, gracious woman who has made my life wonderful. Her name is Terri and she has been putting up with me for 20+ years. We have a son named Joshua who is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to us. He is a very talented, quietly stubborn, creative, messy boy who is destined for great things. He wants you to know he loves cats even though we are technically a dog family.

I spent the first 16 years of my life as a vocational minister working with college students along with a short stint on a church staff. College students are a lot easier to work with and a lot more fun. Grown-ups live a whole different kind of life and are pretty uptight about a lot of things that aren’t that important. After a messy break from church work, I have entered the work of my second half as a good-for-nothing layman. I say that because I heard a pastor say one time that “pastors are paid to be good, but laymen are good for nothing”. And then just about the time I was getting use to being a laymen, I got laid off.  After 11 years of slugging it out in the lay-trenches, God has set us out on a new adventure: Life Coaching.  It’s funny that I get to do this after all these years.  Life coaching is one of those things that I would do for free and now I am trying my hand at it.  I am working for Freedom 5:one ministries and attempting to help people develop a Biblical foundation in the key areas of life: faith, family, field, finances, fitness, friends and fun.

My interest in writing is a newfound thing (as you be able to tell). Honestly, I started writing in early 2008 because I have things to say and nobody asks me any questions. I started blogging because it’s free and it a great way to capture your thoughts. That is unless the blog-site goes down and then I wonder where all my work goes. You will find that my style is a mix between practical theologian, philosopher, thinker, idealist, exhorter and depressed seeker. I used to subtitle this blog “random thoughts of a distracted soul.” That is me to a tee! I love the Bible, and a lot of my posts will start from there. I have opinions but like to use the Word as the basis, otherwise I am pure conjecture because I am not wise. I am one of the foolish things of the world that God uses to shame the wise. Bottom line I am a traveler who is trying to be faithful to God, my job, my family and my community. Hope you like what you read!

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